Carlos Shanka is a sustainability enthusiast, a learner, and a student.

As-salamu alaikum.

I am a young sustainability enthusiast, a climate advocate, and a citizen of the world born who was born and raised in the paradisiac Canary Islands, Spain. I moved to Bristol to study biology and soon I realised that it was one of the best places to unleash my motivation and vision.

Since then, I’ve had the privilege of letting my ideas become a reality. From organising sustainability events to contributing to the policies at uni, I strive to bring people together, specially young people, to try to make a positive change in the people, planet, and the economy.

I am the Coordinator for Spain at the COY16, the Chair of the Sustainability Network at the University of Bristol Students’ Union, and a Global Shaper at the Bristol’s Global Shaper, which is an initiative of the World Economic Forum. I also had the privilege to be a consultant for several months for the Bristol Green Capital Partnership and the Bristol City Council, dealing with marketing and communication issues, as well as innovating with new ways to make Bristol a carbon-negative city by 2030, respectively.

But I think that creating content is not only fun and intellectually rewarding, but effective to promote awareness too. That is why I am back on social media.

Thus, as I am fascinated about the uniqueness of the world’s cultures, people, and nature; about the stories to tell, the different perspectives, and those who are not well-represented, I have decided to share one idea at a time, right here.

My perspective of the world can, hopefully, be useful for more people, and I had long wanted to give a go at blogging. I strongly believe that more ideas have to be shared, and more people have to feel empowered. I am also passionate about personal development and travelling, and I want to share my tips and thinking during this proccess. I am fluent in English and Spanish, I can arguably speak conversational German and French, and I have a basis in Swahili and Chinese. I now random words of random languages, and I am always happy to practise any of them with anyone.

As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, my second year at university was 100% online, meaning that there was no need to be at campus. Thus, I travelled to a few countries, including Tanzania, the Emirates, Turkey, and Iraqi Kurdistan. Whenever people ask me about my experience, I tell them that “every single day was an adventure”. So I aim at – perhaps too idealistically – sharing a blog per week with you.

Feel free to reach out for project proposals, practising languages, or simply an informal chat!

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